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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

This is a summer image on water I decided to start this newsletter with. There is so much of water around us in some way in the summer time, that my mind and ideas are all around its symbol, its meaning, its perspective even more... This is a moment I captured last Friday, when I was holding a conversation with Pascal on the lake near my home, sitting on a paddle board, being with water, feeling the flow... it feels like a good time to write up invitations that are about, within, ON WATER. Are they connected - no, they are interdependent. In some way one would probably not be there without the other. 

Starting with an invitation for a different kind of day on water on August 30th 2020 for a moment, an hour, a full day what ever is possible for you, without a plan or structure in place.

This year calls upon all of us to search for different forms. BELAVODA (WHITEWATER) is proud to be partnering with an international NGO Pure Water for Generations and its founder Pascal Rösler.  We share a lot within our search for something better, but in essence we share the need to remember, revive, reveal in all what we think and do that: WATER IS LIFE.

Our ways of living and being continue to grow on destructive grounds, that are in many ways dried up and not allowing us to see what else is possible, how can we contribute in a way that will be giving life again. Activism, funding, fighting, restructuring don't seem to be working. We need to find something that was never there before, so we need different approaches. 

This is a simple invitation that would like to reunite people from all over the world, to be with water in what ever way it brings you joy and life.  There is no end goal, no number, no form to take part in this day. We just want you to be with water, feel it, be with it by yourself, your friends, family, community.

It feels that if we would like to find ways that are giving life again, we need to start by remembering how it feels first. I would be very happy if you would consider joining us for this one day, to be with water, together. This will only be a beginning of a journey we would like to share and create with you.

August BELAVODA monthly gathering will be hosting a guest - my friend Pascal Rösler, so that we can talk about this initiative. If you are curious please register for the call on August 18th 2020 at 8.30 CEST:

And I have introduced to you the concept of warm data before, when I started co-creating a very interesting podcast on the topic, with the immense support of Nora Bateson who is giving life to this essential concept. She is exploring complex systems as the 3rd generation of the famous Bateson family.  So I invite you to to the next WARM DATA PODCAST August 6th 9.00 CEST or 19.00 CEST: Water theme is everywhere and I trust this is not a coincidence. We will be talking about and within the thought piece: Finding a way, together with two amazing people -Nora Bateson and dr. Mamphela Ramphele. The thinking is inviting a warmer response to the emergencies of the coming decades through revisiting a famous metaphor of lifeboating introduced by Garret Hardin, and looking at it differently. Warmer. !!! Please register here: Let it flow... Ina

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