BELAVODA is a network of people, connected through common purpose of enriching and redefining leadership today, for a better version of ourselves, our organisations and the world we live in.


As individuals, we exist and act from different forms and places. We co-create as a platform, and work as associates to develop unique programs and offerings that can support your development of new leadership qualities. 

We develop with them.

We learn from them.

We host them sometime at our location.

We host with them on different locations.

We are inspired by them.

"In the world where everyone hunts for quick fixes and likes to focus on one thing at a time, Ina and Bele Vode understands that it's no longer good enough. Complexity, volatility, extreme speed of change requires us to completely reinvent the way we live, work, and flourish - and that requires deep, wide, systemic thinking. Good news: Ina not only is able to think that way, but also can help to put the fruits of such thinking to powerful practical result-oriented action for you and your organization."

- dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva, Chief Reinvention Officer, WE Exist reinvention agency

"There is an amazing movement happening in the world - a network of people transforming how we live and work in more inspiring ways. Ina is such a sparkle in this network. Both as a host and connector at Bela Voda, and as a guide and facilitator with head and heart, she is doing amazing things to evolve to how we grow as people. It's a joy and an honour to work with her!

- Andres Roberts, founder of Bio - leadership Project and Way of Nature


- Olga Romanillos, Coach and facilitator for leadership programs

"Because we who live now are on a serious journey all together on this big sailing ship called earth. Many discussions are being held as to what is clearly true what is clearly important and how should we ourselves proceed. I find that Ina and Bele Vode have a strong and authentic desire to help those discussions take place, with evermore clarity and in doing so reach more and more people who want to make up their own minds but want to do so in an informed and considered way. How we travel is important, this is also true in our minds."

- Robert Wolfe, Robert Wolfe Seminars 

We believe there is a need to transform and rewild our leadership.

Join our conversation.

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