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Rewild your thoughts.


What matters for us after being with people is to leave behind more questions than answers, more grounds to nourish thinking outside of a perspective you might be use to. A nourishment of an attention that we all need more of. Inviting more diversity into our daily lives. There is always gratitude in noticing some of that intention resonated with people we are learning with by "working" or "doing projects" with.

More attention to mutual learning.

"Ina's energy is something special, strong and calm. She gives space for new feelings, new insights and new perspectives. Thank you Ina, for BEING!"

- Lucija Živa Sajevec, CEO AMZS


Called ‘The Reinvention Guru’ (In Ventures magazine) and ‘The Queen of Reinvention’ (TEDx Navasink), Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva is a business owner, educator, speaker and author — specializing in reinvention.

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"In the world where everyone hunts for quick fixes and likes to focus on one thing at a time, Ina and Bele Vode understands that it's no longer good enough. Complexity, volatility, extreme speed of change requires us to completely reinvent the way we live, work, and flourish - and that requires deep, wide, systemic thinking. Good news: Ina not only is able to think that way, but also can help to put the fruits of such thinking to powerful practical result-oriented action for you and your organization."

- dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva, founder of Reinvention Academy and WE Exist reinvention agency

"The secret ingredient, I believe, lies in »HOW«. “What makes Ina different is how she supports us on the different topics of the transformation, starting with identifing gently the »blind spots« through “story telling” and then facilitating participants towards different perspectives how they see their work results, expanding business possibilities and different relationship with client/consumer/shopper.

As a participant you can easily get the feeling through the course that Ina became a part of your Team. Inspiring!”  

- Sergeja Tršan, HR Director Orbico Group


Robert Wolfe is part of the founding faculty of THNK where he now has the job-title 'experience designer'. He is the storytelling trainer and runs innovation workshops as well as the train the trainer modules. With a background as a professional coach and management trainer, Robert has extensive experience in helping people change

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"Because we who live now are on a serious journey all together on this big sailing ship called earth. Many discussions are being held as to what is clearly true what is clearly important and how should we ourselves proceed. I find that Ina and Bele Vode have a strong and authentic desire to help those discussions take place, with evermore clarity and in doing so reach more and more people who want to make up their own minds but want to do so in an informed and considered way. How we travel is important, this is also true in our minds."

- Robert Wolfe, Robert Wolfe Seminars 

"Working with Ina is like following Albert Einstein’s quote: Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. Her positive energy, her joy for life, her sense for humans and nature and her intellectual background creates a flow for a new way of thinking and living. To enter this new way together with Ina is invaluable."

- Pascal Rösler, founder and CEO of Pure Water for generations


Supports new forms of human progress by working with the principles of living systems and the wisdom of nature

The aim of The Bio-Leadership Project, founded in 2016, is to support more generative, adaptive and responsible human systems by working in partnership with the systems we are part of.

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"There is an amazing movement happening in the world - a network of people transforming how we live and work in more inspiring ways. Ina is such a sparkle in this network. Both as a host and connector at Bela Voda, and as a guide and facilitator with head and heart, she is doing amazing things to evolve to how we grow as people. It's a joy and an honour to work with her!

- Andres Roberts, founder of Bio - leadership Project and Way of Nature

„ INA is one of the most conscious human beings i am grateful to have in my life. She is conscious about her SELF and about her PARTNER that she goes into dialogue with. The way she senses the state of being, opens every possibility for anything to show and be accepted the way it comes. This is in a world like ours rare, valuable, nourishing and energizing. If you are looking to get in contact with someone who is capable of holding any space gently and carefully - you are lucky when you meet INA.I love her and i am grateful for her BEING in my life“ 

- Eva Kaul, founder and partner of noumenal_space

" Ina brings freshness, wideness and positive energy that doesn't leave anyone indifferent. She is connecting, opening perspectives and asking the right questions directing us towards individuals, environment, society...AND with her own example of transformations showing that it can be done differently."

- Mitja Kolbe, Digital advisor Microsoft


We believe there is a need to transform and rewild our leadership.

Join our conversation.

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