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Reinvention is not a quick fix, but a lifetime project. And if you want to be one of those who thrive in the new reality, you should start exploring your own reinvention process.

Technological breakthroughs that brought about the 4th industrial revolution, globalization, income inequality, environmental threats, generational gaps, and much more all contribute to the new VUCA world - volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. As a result, companies and their leaders are forced to deal with disruptive change more often than ever before - in fact, our research indicate that to stay in business today, you must reinvent yourself and your company ever 3.5 years. In this fast-moving roller-coaster reality just as we handle one crisis, another looms around the corner.

With that speed of change in mind REINVENTION is the literacy skill of 21st century that you need to revive, practice and build your organisational systems around. Because you will need to be ready to adapt and change quicker then every before. It is not enough to look at reinvention as a project, but a whole system change.


Called ‘The Reinvention Guru’ (In Ventures magazine) and ‘The Queen of Reinvention’ (TEDx Navasink), Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva is a business owner, educator, speaker and author — specializing in reinvention.

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"In the world where everyone hunts for quick fixes and likes to focus on one thing at a time, Ina and Bele Vode understands that it's no longer good enough. Complexity, volatility, extreme speed of change requires us to completely reinvent the way we live, work, and flourish - and that requires deep, wide, systemic thinking. Good news: Ina not only is able to think that way, but also can help to put the fruits of such thinking to powerful practical result-oriented action for you and your organization."

- dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva, Chief Reinvention Officer, WE Exist reinvention agency

WHAT WE OFFER is a variety of options on how you and your organisation can start bringing in the skill of reinvention and start building your own system. Depending on where you are now, what is your culture, how seriously do you wan to develop reinvention.



You can start by purchasing an


on-line living book and join an international community of reinventors



you can join the Breakthrough Reinvention Course (NEW!)



We offer 1 - 3 day REINVENTION workshops that will give your team/organisation the basics of WHY - WHAT - HOW to reinvent.



If you would like to have a custom workshop, based on your organisational culture, industry and build your own reinvention system, please get in touch for an introduction meeting.

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We believe there is a need to transform and rewild our leadership.

Join our conversation.

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