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WATER is life.

We love to give, collaborate and create life in different forms where we feel that there is something finding a new form that could allow more life to happen. There is always that one person, that inner feeling you can't name but it makes total sense what you say - I want to be there.


The world we are entering is not asking, but is conditioned by more people connecting, sharing and collaborating.

The challenges we are facing will not be solved by one leader, one person, one organisation, one country...


THIS IS THE TIME when we need more blurred lined, more of what we have never seen before. TOGETHER.

An organisation we have been growing together with for years. Pascal loves life and water. We do2.

This yeas we are inviting you to a very special world day of water on August 30th 2020. All you need to do is enjoy with water that day! Check out more.



A group of individuals, from different companies, different areas of expertise and knowledge who feel the need to blur the lines of competition, knowledge sharing and learning. The future of work.

TALENT CLOUD is a living platform, where companies exchange talents to solve common challenges that they have. 

We successfully finished the first prototype and we are in the midst of the second round of exchange.

Please write if you are interested.

20_Interfaces of Mutual Learning.JPG

The world we are entering is different. So we need to acknowledge a different kind of information - WARM DATA.

Its is information that is alive, that respects relationships, that you can't really describe, but you know it is essential. 

This is the work of the Bateson family that grounded and is exploring complex systems.

If you are curious listen to the podcast to start with.

Join our exploration.

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