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Making sense in this different world is not easy. It is a chance to be radical. To challenge ideas that were there before, to take time and observe the first butterflies that are grazing on the meadows, waking up the colours of Spring. Noticing a pattern is our natural instinct, changing ones patterns is a whole different animal. As Nora Bateson is asking: How do you change a system, when you are in the system, and you are the system? Butterflying. Lying on the grass with her and observing with a magnifying glass. What did I notice? I never did that before in my life. They are the first animals that bring colour in Spring. You need to be slow and patient to notice them. They fly with the blow of the wind, to where they want be. She loved it. And she didn't care so much. More butterflying... April 8th 2020, Bele Vode

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