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Because life matters. Being one way of describing why exploring this new kind of data is so important to me. It is not so much about green recovery for me anymore, I would dare to call it life recovery.

What does that mean? How does it happen? Why do we need it? What is the theory behind it? What is the process? What does it do? How does it come alive...

All of that is moving, evolving and happening as I am writing this. One way to be curious about it is joining our WARM DATA PODCASTS that we will be holding together with Nora Bateson and people from all over the world that are exploring it.

Today at 16.00 CEST we will be holding our first session in the series of conversations that we called: UNPRECEDENTED POSSIBILITIES FROM THE SOIL OF WARM DATA.

Please use this link for all the information that you need to join:

"This is not a plan,

it is a nourishing." - nbateson



p.s.: An article to "drink and read" into warm data.

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