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To the HEART

Spring is here.

I feel fire in my heart.

It is really early morning... I am writing this letter, it is 22nd of March - the World Water Day. BELAVODA is carrying the qualities and the spirit of water in many ways. I invite you to honour this amazing element of water today, and take one action for that  - save your personal consumption, donate to and NGO that protects it and if possible try to sit by a river, lake, sea and just observe it in silence for 10 minutes.

An amazing conference took place last week  WOS - inclusive leadership conference, where I was gratefully part of past week as a host facilitator, co-creator and participant.

I would like to share a few moments and messages that stayed with me, and maybe some will inspire your Spring energy. These are just a few that might resonate and inspire you to join us next year:

* how can we be better instead of finding whose fault it is

* the real questions is how do we design human systems better

* it is not about a revolution, but an evolution

* that leadership needs to reinvent today, its urgent for us

* we need to leverage the skills of sensing, probing, unlearning

* inclusivity is about people and Planet

* the importance of moving from I to WE

* synergy happens when you let every person bring his/her best to the project without hierarchy - we made that happen with this conference

* that we need to really work on our quality and capacity to listen well

* asking good questions is far more important than having good answers

* that yesterdays soft skills are todays hard skills

* we need to let perfectionism be, and let it go

* that our bodies are amazing sensing mechanisms we need to relearn and acknowledge

* that you can do a group picture in total silence and synergy on an instant 

* that leading with and to the heart is fundamental and complex

I am off to support a project called TalentX - skills worth sharing, that has been just an idea within an HR heckaton organised by Competo and Danfoss Trata last year, but is becoming a real prototype as we speak with joined forces of us all and support by AmChamWhat is it about? How can we open up the field of talent and people, to work as an open source between companies. That grows your employees, retains talent and gives the competitive advantage to the collective industry/country. 

I will end with a recognition again, it feels good to know they are amazing individuals moving things towards us being better, and I am grateful to be in the space with one of them that is celebrating her birthday today - Mateja Panjan. Shine ON!

Have a beautiful Spring weekend and be with water, with your heart ;)


p.s.: All photo credits from the WOS - inclusive leadership event go to Eventnika/Siniša Kanižaj - great people!

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