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Summer celebration

Dear friends,

Summer is the cycle of Nature where everything gets ripe to pick and enjoy. It is life, it is a celebration. I am going with its flow and sharing achievements and joy of BELAVODA with you, so it makes the celebration richer. There were many things taking shape and place, but all have a common purpose: co-creation of a more adaptive, conscious leadership for individuals and organizations that can create a wiser way of being. 

The image summary is a pick from our very first European BIO-leadership workshop; from the international grassroots conference in Bosnia by Patagonia we helped to organize; from our very first REWILDwomen retreat that created a magical process between women of all ages, Nature and Olga; from the coolest vertical intelligence classroom experience that was our "amygdala training" by Robert Wolfe; from the 2nd Reinvention Society meet-up at Danfoss where we talked about reinvention, why it matters and measured the level of Titanic syndrome; from co-creating the future of work with a bunch of really intelligent and empowered women. In other words, I am grateful to all the people that are part of our story, that shared their wisdom and energies, that trusted us to take part in what we believe is meaningful. 

So did it work? From the feedbacks to the fact that there are exciting things coming in the Fall, my answer is a happy YES. All of the programs we offer at the location will continue, also outside of Slovenia! (we will keep you posted), together with dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva we are reinventing and launching a living book by the end of this year, early next year there is a very different, experiential conference in the making on inclusive leadership WOS. 

“The rewilding woman is a wonderful experience. In just a few days, Olga and Ina take you on a fascinating journey. The place is beautiful and very conducive to personal discovery. Every moment in the retreat was worth it." - Rebekka, Netherlands

"Immerse yourself in the personal growth path of bio-leadership through spending quality time in nature, leading to engaging conversations and being surrounded by diverse people. Learn to navigate the bio-leadership map and get to know tools to bring it to life." - Maren from Germany

"Leaders emerge because of character - attitude and experience. Learn about yours in a diverse group and a peaceful setting." - Matt, United Kingdom

In the spirit of Summer celebration, we are organizing one for real by the end of August. Wouldn't it be great to see each other end of the Summer @BELAVODA before school starts, before we are all into strategies, meetings, conferences, sales in full speed? We are organizing a celebration with a purpose of raising awareness on the latest campaign protecting our water - the Blue Heart documentary by Patagonia. It would be great to see you, so please register on email: or via FB by August 22nd.

I will conclude by saying that finding continuity is key in this fast-changing environment and one very earthly element of our continuum is picking potatoes. They are more than ripe with this year's rain and heat, so today is the day, off I am ;)


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