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Starting slow

Dear friends,

The first snowflakes started falling today and it feels so peaceful and quiet in Nature. All living beings are going to rest and will save the energy until Spring starts to burst with life.

We should also try to reconnect to that natural flow of energy and recognize it on a personal and organisational level. Yes, most of us are back to our offices, our doing and creation mode, into daily routines and already creating stories we would like to tell in 2019. 

I would hope you allow yourself to have a slow start of this calendar year. That does not mean slow in motion, but focused and meaningful towards what you would like to achieve in this next cycle.

One of those simple things to do on a personal level is having a morning routine that empowers your day ahead. What ever makes you "jive" - good music, yoga, meditation, good coffee, a section of a good book, poetry, a morning walk... It does not have to be the same every day, but make sure you give yourself at least 15 minutes of time before you go and do things.

In the spirit of slow, I wanted to share my reflection on 2018 - WHAT AN AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL AND HARD YEAR it was on a personal and professional level for BELAVODA. 

I captured just a few moments in the popular 9 insta frames to share the diversity and content of it. It was so much more, but it makes me feel proud, grateful and patient. Creating meaning in life comes from so many different paths, what matters is that they give life, to you and to the world we live in.

I want to end this short note today with acknowledging...

...and send deep gratitude to all of BELAVODA partners, for co-creating with us and trusting - dr. Nadya ZhexembayevaOlga RomaniliosAndres Roberts and Robert Wolfe. So much has been created, and much more to come...

...every organisation that recognized our way of approaching development of new leadership models and new ways of organising that the world call for today...

...every single person who dived into our programs and experienced what we think rewilding yourself is about...

...Nature for being a patient teacher and inspiration.

Let 2019 be a year where you grow differently.

Enjoy the snow ;)


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