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Rewilding leadership

It has been a while since I managed to write up a newsletter and its so much harder to decide what to tell you, without having to write a long email. The keywords describing our past few months were learning, connecting and defining who we are. 

We are dealing with complex systems and challenges, but we don't have the common language or approach in leadership conversations, education and practice that would give a solution to the challenges of 21st century. We are only waking up to a new reality of a more complex, uncertain and volatile world (VUCA world).

Did you know that we are not capable of realy understanding complex systems in whole? I find that to be a very important realization, because it means we can figure out how to build and behave around a very complicated structure - such as building big airplanes, buildings, computer programs because we can take them apart to small pieces. We solve them with rules and recipees. But we are unable to understand complex systems. I like using a real human heart as a comparisson. We still don't understand how our heart functions not just as an organ, but a part of a system in our physical and energetic bodies. We do know that far more information travel from heart to our brain, than the other way around. Isn't that amazing!? Complex systems involve too many unknowns and too many interrelated factors to reduce to rules and processes. That is why we love automation and we are bound to its patterns much more than we realize. Did you know that on average, we are making free choices (meaning outside of a known pattern or system) for only 2 - 3 minutes a day!!! (a quote from dr. Yuri Yatsev, on the conference).

There are many words we are noticing in this transformation of leadership we are witnessing: mindfullness, wholeheartedness, sustainable, green, inclusive, balanced, aligned with principles of nature, agile, adaptable, resilient... And that is a good sign, because it means something new is being formed. Our contribution to this movement is building a unique leadership academy under a volcano that inspires, what we call the rewilding of leadership. Bringing back skills we were taught not to use - reinvention, shifting to a new system where going from point A to B becomes a non-linear process, optimisation replaces maximisation, working within ecosystems instead of hierarchy, to name a few transitions. And bringing into perspectives that it's not just our rational brain and cognitive skills that matter, but our other ways of knowing and understansing through different senses, different parts of our body, movement.

The way we are running our lives, our companies and the worlds we live in is transforming because of what we know of how our brain and mind works, the growing scientific proof on how we are exceeding our earths boudaries, the speed of change we are witnessing and how we are coming to understand that we, as humans or organisations, are just part of a bigger, living system. That is fundamentally changing the nature and form of our lives, our work, busineses and the world we live in.

So who is BELAVODA for? Everyone who understands this challenge, the shift we need to create and is looking for answers, tools, cases, a community to make it happen for themselves, their professional career or business. 

As we see it, rewilding yourself with or at BELAVODA means learning about yourself and your place in the world as an individual or an organisation, unlearn some of the old patterns and take a step towards being and doing for the good of the living systems we are part of.

I would love to hear your thoughts and pontential needs, so do write, call or join us on one of the upcoming events and workshops. Meanwhile the first snow just layed its blanket on our little valley. It feels warm, reflective and peacefull. 

With heart,


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