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Can you feel it...?

... the E X C I T E M E N T :)

I keep saying it's still winter time by calendar, but this early Spring warmth in Nature, and all of what is happening has been giving me the buzzing energy and flow, that was the inspiration to write a message to you today.

It feels important to say that excitement is such great energy to build on, but for me the key qualities around it are about relevance, focus and the quality of listening. With so much going its hard to check in on them. How often do you do so and how?

A simple action that works for me is keeping a weekly journal, not only what I do, but also marking/colouring days with how my energy is at the end of the day. The colour depending not only on execution, sales, content development, but also on how much time do I get to do things that are not directly my work, but related to me feeling well - time in Nature, with my family, time to learn new things, being with unusual people and places. 

I also never stop learning how important in the new leadership model is the way you listen. How you create space for listening beyond your open mind, heart, but also open will that allows you to become and create what you want, with the ability to let go!? I keep rereading Theory U, by Otto Scharmer that is a great theoretical support.

I want to share one simple action of how to improve your listening at a meeting - have one minute of silence before you start, every time! I would love to hear if you use the practice for a month did anything change for you?

It feels good to share what was the past month buzz about...

...we co-hosted a group of amazing individuals in Germany for the Bio-Leadership Ground workshop, and talk about the importance of redefining leadership at the film premiere panel for the Pure Water for Generations that we support. Happy birthday to its founder Pascal today, may there be more of such inspirational people out there :)

...with the Chief Reinvention Officer global team, we launched the second edition of the living book, Titanic Syndrome: Why Companies Sink and How to Reinvent Your Way Out of Any Business Disaster. It such a fresh perspective of how can we provide the reinvention skills to a critical mass of people.  

...we are in the process of co-creating and preparing the content for the very first inclusive leadership, experiential conference in Slovenia - WOS. Starting on March 14th, join us if you can!

Plenty to be proud and grateful about, plenty to look forward to. 

Sending over some focused buzzzzzzzzzz 


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