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Stop and rewild

2017 is our soft launch season, we are building our relationships and getting to know you. We want to make this year about showing what we believe in and what we can offer you, to be the best version of yourself and built a better world around you. 

Why BELAVODA? Because we believe there is a real need of rewilding. Not only for the natural inhabitat we are loosing, but our "modus operandi". The way we do, the way we think needs to be more in tune with the natural cycle of nature - seed, grow, crop, compost, rest. In todays way of life, we to often just produce and not take time to stop, reevaluate and grow individualy or as a team. We believe that can bring value to your life, to your company and to the world we live in. 

BELAVODA is the perfect place to stop and grow differently. It's a unique mountain valley location where we offer leadership retreats for individuals and groups. We believe we are all leaders and we need to constantly grow, to be better. Each stay is customized and private, because we have limited capacity. We partner with people and organisations from all over the world, that we trust and believe in.

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