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Reinvent and rewild

Some of you have left for the summer vacation and some of you are counting the last days of work. We are very grateful to be able to work globally, from a small mountain village, drinking cold volcanic water and enjoying a open air yoga class here and there. Sounds appealing? We invite you to try it out yourself alone or in a group, rewild and work in the mountains for a day, for sure change of location will encourage you to reinvent. 

And reinventing is exactly what we have recently become attached to, because amongst other great people we were able to host in the past month, the very first Chief Reinvention Officer retreat was held at our location. We are produ to co-create and partner with dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva on building an online platform where she will be making all her knowledge and experience on managing change radically inclusive. We believe the world can ridet the waves of change and reinvent. Because did you know that the average cycle for a business model, professional career to die, has shorten up to 7 years on average, from being 75 years long cycle 100 years ago?!?! That means you started working for a company, you would stay there until your retirement and you, nor the company would have to go through any big change. When you really think about it its daunting, but its very real. 

So what can we do: reinvent or rewild? That is not the question. We came to understand that it all comes from the same roots - nature. Natural cycles give us a message that we should rewild and live all phases - seed, grow, crop, compost, rest. Nature also tells us that change is the only constant in life and that we should strive to keep what works well and let go of everything that doesn't. Which is what reinvention is all about - how to deal with change and learn to be aware of your essence, knowing who you are. 

In that sense we all need to go "back to nature" and relearn to reinvent and rewild our way of doing and thinking. Because we are all taught out of it and our systems are not built to be able to except change or to be in tune with natural cycles, but to endure it or act as if we only need to produce and be effective. Remember how we are tought to sit still for longer periods of time in school? That prepares us for long sitting in our office later on. Or how businesses are taught to grow fast and big, not how to deal with change and grow differently. That time is becoming the most valuable asset for us as individuals, becuase all systems around us are built to make it as productive as possible. The question is what does it mean to be productive to you? 

At the end, reinventing or rewilding are processes that take their time, before they become a habit again, something natural we all do. We hope to continue inspiring you to do so and would love to hear back from what are your challenges and needs to make it happen.

Sending you a "splash of volcanic water" from BELAVODA :)

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