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Freezing a moment

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

The world changed, and it's not going back to what it was. How do you start writing in the midst of that, from where things were before? It feels very hard, confusing, yet life giving and full of curiosity.

I hope you are healthy and safe.

We are in the midst of transformation and it is time to breathe, look deeper and understand this change in more layers. This is an opportunity to change your habits - allow your brain to rewire, your body get stronger, your mind expanded, your life be richer.

Writing in a different way about  making sense of this new reality, is the easiest for me right now. So this is very hard, but there it is, I am sharing "my poem" as it is to the world, to you. Maybe there is a layer there that will stay with you.

Let this be an exploration and a start of a new communication between us.

With care and warmth,



A collection of words/thoughts on March 25th 2020 that are hugely viewed together by being part of the People Need People process, founded by Nora Bateson, Bateson International Institute.

After three weeks of Covid-19,

everything changed...

First days of Spring and snowflakes are dancing in the air...

...the world as we knew it,


The smallest thing,

smaller than a snowflake,

made everyone notice the essentials.

Leaving us with less choice,

which seems to be the essence of seeing relatnionships between them again.

We know how to figure our emergent steps,

we don't know what to do next.

I don't know what to do next.

It feels we are doing everything to continue what was there before,

like keeping a heartbeat alive with a machine.

»Copy – paste« is not a function that works on living systems.

I am sensing confusion,

I am sensing tiredness,

I am sensing a rush to find a solution fast.

I am sensing a hardship of people striving to see this as just a pause, or time for vacation.

I am sensing the need to SCREAM out loud, this is not working anymore!!!!

It feels like burning out again.

I don't want to read another book anymore.

I don't want another tool, model, best case or inspirational speech.

I don't want to be on one more virtual conference.

It is my hardship of not knowing what is next,

but hoping to invite more complexity into everything I do,

every single day,

every minute,

NOW is a chance to rethink.




Healing that has a chance to happen.

I have time to take a walk in the woods every day,

I drink coffee with my husband in the morning every day,

we have honest conversations about life and what we are going to prepare together for lunch.

I am learning to learn with my daughter, every day.

I am realizing that was all possible before.

I don't want to leave that, ever.

Will we realize that all of the better world was there, possible in between...

will we see the cracks that can allow something unprecedented to come out of this time?

Uffff...its painful to admit that I believed I knew what to do,

to »make the world a better place«.

Not alone,

Not with one answer,

Not ever being just one question,

Always moving and changing.




Deep stuff.


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