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...from yesterday morning, when I was observing how the sun was trying to come out from behind the clouds... they are bringing Fall time, the winds, the yellowish and red leaves in the forest... I am thinking how to make this digital letter meaningful...

I am energised by all the movements that are bringing on systemic change that I want to see in the world.

Yes, changing how we place Nature back into the system of human design is here. The urgency is clear, the intention is here. But how do we make it happen? It is a huge task, demanding as much global consensus as individual awareness.

What I am noticing in my work is still lack of collaboration, sharing and really ability to listen to different stakeholders in different context with the same question: how can we be better?

I would like to share a few observations from experiences in the past two months:

•    Speaking about reinvention and speed of change in the context of digitalisation and artificial intelligence development at the Bled Strategic Forum brought out one lesson: we don't invest enough focus, time, money and people in organisations for building up the reinvention skills that will be a must in the world.

•    Spending one week with a group of environmental activists, and learning about system change from Nora Bateson has left me with a lot of energy, and one important new concept: WARM DATA - transcontextual information about the interrelationships that integrate a complex system. 

•    Starting a new round of online Breakthrough Reinvention course with Nadya Zhexembayeva is showing the need for teaching reinvention as a skill is out there, and its global. If you want to join in for the next course, you can reach out to us for more information. 

•    Being part of the rewards ceremony for the best innovation in Slovenia made me realise that we recognise innovation only as technical solutions, but we are aware we need to innovate within ourselves also, maybe more than ever.

•    Being part of TalentCloud - the first prototype of talent exchange between companies in Slovenia. Being inspired by a group of amazing people that made it happen (Mateja Panjan, Ana Gabršček, Brina Tomačevič Kodre, Gašper Hren, Petra Vamberger, Nataša Mithans) and energised that we managed to break walls with concrete business cases and connections that will empower better solutions all over industries.

•    Lastly the importance of celebration - congratulations to Ajša Vodnik and her amazing team for 20 years of co-creating an amazing community AmCham Slovenia that is bringing positivity and empowers ambition for our country!

We have moved far beyond the talk about sustainability and whether climate change is real or not, or if its a good investment to do circular solutions. We are in the times of transforming our leadership, our definition of growth and our well being as humanity. It matters how we talk about it, how we are being in it in all of the roles we are playing.

Fall is here.  Its the time of the year where we are very much ON in the business world. Its the time of plans - what will stay and that will be left behind. In the midst of all that, try to remember the importance of joy in life. You are.


ART, NATURE, POETRY: I am enjoying mostly walks in the woods, when my nervous systems gets calmed down by just being. And I only recently discovered Kersnikova institute that is bringing together contemporary investigative arts, science and cutting-edge technologies with raising questions and awareness on how do we want to evolve as human species. Amazing.

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