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10.024 hours later

...I am sitting and having a hot cup of coffee, under a lemon tree, on a small volcanic island in the Adriatic sea (what can I say volcanoes seem to be my energy), where I just did my morning yoga. I am grateful. I am proud. This is one of those very special moments in life.

10.024 hours later, or 10 years and 1 day ago, I founded my company BELAVODA. It was a hot summer day, when I stepped freshly graduated from Law School to the registration office. I can still remember that confused feeling, because honestly at the time I didn't know precisely what I was going to do, but I did know one thing: I wanted to change the world I live in, with all of my heart, soul and mind. I felt we can do better.

So, what happened? A lot of different stories, but to keep this newsletter short, I wrote down only 9 thoughts that came to me in retrospective, this morning, at this moment of celebration.


* The freedom of creating, exploring, organising my own time and space. 

* The amazing group of people I have met on the way in different countries and cultures.

* To see a spark, a change I co-created may it be a personal or organisational. 


* To enjoy the »not knowing« more, that is where the magic happens.

* To wait, not act, observe, listen more.

* Our Planet will be survive, it is our human species that is really endangered. We need change from inside out. There is hope. 


* That we embrace the balance between the emergent mind, strategic approach and bottom-up change in the world, instead of holding only to the mechanic mind, built systems and top down changes as the new normal.

* For us to be aware the we are Nature and to reinvent our species into something better.

* For me to keep the spark and awareness that change is possible and nothing needs to stay as it is.

This is a day, I am officialy giving and award to myself, and as any speach in an award ceremony would finish, I really need to have a thank you section to give recognition to:

* My mother who gave me the founding capital and encouraged me to start my own company + gave me some of the most important advices + always is an inspiration.

* To my sister who always IS, a friend, coworker, co-investor, mentor.

* To all the people who allowed me to work for and with them. 

* To all my partners and mentors. 

* To Nature, our home, our wise teacher, our source of immense energy and connection.

* To myself, for trusting, growing and being.

Thank you my dear friend, colleague, partner or just observer, for reading this digital letter. It makes everything matter and influences the change I want to see in the world.

To celebrate the 10 years, I am also very proud BELAVODA just became 1% for the Planet member.

This moment feels good.


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